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dwelling is the solo project of Jacob Rogers, grounded in ideas of music in dialogue with audience and environment, and communal spaces of healing.

Front Porch, Jeff Siegfried & Hayley Bog

Ben Jackson - Violin
Maddy Wildman - Bassoon
Jacob Rogers - Percussion
Karalyn Schubring - Piano

Front Porch is a mixed quartet that invites audiences to engage personally with the voices of their close friends, reimagining the classical concert experience with warmth and love at its foundation. Their uncommon instrumentation — violin, bassoon, piano, and percussion — makes them equally at home with composers, folk artists, opera singers, and everyone in between.


Lyd de Leeuw

Ezra Gans
Jacob Rogers

Madeline Wildman

BRIGE is a Jacob Lyd Ezra and Maddy that struggle to name what it is they do in any meaningful way. Past attempts include 'free-improv band,' 'performance-art troupe,' 'electro-acoustic noise brigade,' 'multidisciplinary experiment in radical geometry,' and 'friends.'

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